Saving or investment is not restricted to any age bar. It is practiced to attain future goals. It doesn’t matter whether you are 25 or 45, plan to save money, in fact why to plan, save you money through investment and let your money earn for you. There is a famous proverb “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Similarly, in investment, it is said, “the early you invest, the wealthier you get”.

Young people today, when start earning, whether they earn in thousands or in lakhs, start dreaming of a luxurious lifestyle. They start planning, how to spend their salary in buying commodities that satisfy their luxurious lifestyle. Buying new clothes, new technologies, going on vacations, these all become the priority of their life. They spend their salary to fill their life with enjoyment. They enjoy there today at it's whole but never think about their future.

I understand, after completion of our studies and attaining a job, we want to enjoy our life at its best. At this stage of our life we want to be like a bird, who has been released from its cage, and is doing everything which we dreamt during our college days. We all had a to-do of what to do with our salary.   

Do you know the bitter truth of life, we are totally unaware about the events in the future? Maybe something drastic occurs, the very next hour, and turns our life upside down? Maybe the very next hour we get in trouble where we need a heavy amount of money on an urgent basis? We cannot predict a single second of the future. Here in this situation, thought arise in our mind, “If I would have saved money, the situation would be different today?”

It is said that ‘prevention is better than cure’, then why to regret, feel guilty and blame yourself for the situation if you can stop the situation from occurring? Start, investing your money in Mutual Fund and make yourself ready for the upcoming problems in the future.

I am suggesting Investment in Mutual Fund as the best choice, because saving, doesn’t make money from your money, but investment in Mutual Fund, replicates your money several times and generates an ample amount on your investment, at the time of its maturity, that is enough to tackle your money related problems.

Secondly, there are many things like owning your own house, giving the best education to your child, securing your future after retirement, and many more agendas that require perfect planning of investment. For attaining these agendas, go through mutual fund investment plans, relax, and watch how amazingly tables turn up for your future goals.

Okay, let’s understand the importance of early investment through a short story. A boy named Nilesh is a software engineer by profession. His father is an in-charge manager in a small company and hardly earns Rs 25000 per month which was all spent on the studies and house expenses. His father has no savings or investment plans. When Nilesh got admission in an IT college, a huge amount of Rs 3,00,000 was required for the deposition of college fees. As Nilesh’s father has no savings, he was liable to take a loan from the bank for the college fees. He applied for an education loan for five years, on a 11% rate of interest. The total amount given in education loan was Rs 3,00,000, but after five years this very amount has increased to an approx. amount of Rs 5,00,000 (including the amount interested) to be paid bank to the bank, in today's date Nilesh now has to pay a sum of Rs 9000 per month to the bank to finish the loan amount, and this is going to continue for at least five years.

 If Nilesh’s father would have invested in mutual fund through SIP, of Rs 1000 per month for 15 years, he would have earned a return of Rs 5,04,576 on a total investment of Rs 1,80,000, on a 12% interest rate of return. The amount returned through investment was enough for the higher studies of Nilesh.

You are young, right now, but to avoid the situation like Nilesh’s father, start your investment today only and plan for your kids’ education and many more. Start your investment in Mutual Funds today and secure your future goals. Do you know the most interesting thing, investing in Mutual Funds doesn’t restrict you from enjoying your life? Invest in Mutual fund secure your future, along with that enjoy your life in the way you want.