What To Do With Your Equity Holdings In Second Wave Of COVID-19?

The impact of the second wave of COVID-19 on the Equity market has once more raised a number of questions in the mind of investors. They have again landed in the situation they were last year, whether they should stay invested, or redeem or apply some changes in their asset allocation! Basically, what they should do?

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Money Lessons Women Finance Leaders Learnt From Their Mothers!!

Not only the basics of our life but also the basic financial lessons are taught to a child by her mother only!

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Why It Necessary To Prepare A Will?

A will is basically a document that clarifies what you want to do with the assets in your name in the event of your passing, whether you want to pass it to your heir, or want to divide them equally among all your children’s or you want all to pass to your spouse or whatever.

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How To Decide Whether I Am Ready To Retire Or Not?

Retirement, a phase of our life, when we have no regular source of income, throughout our working career, we keep saving, investing, and creating a big corpus to tackle our retirement expenses. But the question is only, do only creating a good corps makes us eligible to retire?

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Overdose Of SIP Logic Might Keep Your Portfolio Away From Lumpsum Benefits!!

The prominent reason behind the popularity of SIP in mutual funds is the only statement that is ‘Timing the market is waste of time and a bad practice’!

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Track Investments Of Your Loved Ones Whom You Lost To COVID-19!

Well in case if the deceased person left, leaving a will behind, the finances managed by him can easily be traced but how would anyone go about searching for assets left behind when there is no Will?

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Spending Habits Of Rich People That Must Be Wondered Upon!!

Common people generally think that rich people love roaming around in swanky cars, sinking into their business class seats on flights and in high-street shops. But you would be surprised to know that this is not the same in the case of all rich people.

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Portfolio Diversification Help You Accomplish All Your Money Goals!!

Portfolio diversification, as per experts is the most important strategy, that when followed properly, not only ensures your participation during market rallies but also helps in downside protection. The right way to diversify your portfolio is to diversify across different asset classes.

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Financial Planning All Is Not About Investing Only, But Much Broader Concept!

How much you invest, how long you invest, and how risk plays a key role in your investment depends on how financially secure you already are. A financial plan for someone who is just starting out organizing money would be different from those who already accumulated wealth.

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Equity Mutual Fund In Not Fit For All Your Financial Goal!

But what they forget in all this is that they do also have short-term money goals that obviously don’t need long-term investments like equity!!

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