Mutual Fund Schemes That Help Preserve Your Capital!!

Along with earning returns, products that are relatively low risk or where returns are not volatile will also keep capital safe. You must have heard about these funds. These are basically the least risky debt funds that are liquid funds and ultra-short-term funds.

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Secured And Efficient Loan Options That Come At Low Rates!!

Also, these low credit risk loans help borrowers to take a more relaxed approach to their credit score, and levies very low-interest rates than compared to those unsecured personal loans.

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Health Insurers May Offer Effective Deal If You Have Got COVID-19 Jab!!

COVID-19 vaccine drive started in India on 16th January 2021. Till today around 1.1 Crore people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in India.

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Change In Income Tax Rules Effective From April 1st, 2021!!

In the Union Budget 2021, there were a number of tax provisions that also came into effect from 1st April 2021. The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced a certain income tax rule change.

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Money Changes An Individual Will Experience In The Financial Year 2021-22!!

The new Financial Year 2021-22 started with the beginning of April 2021. The beginning of the new financial year marked the end of old financial provisions/rules and the implementation of new financial provisions/rules.

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Have You Discussed These Money Conversations At Home?

Money conversations with family members not only let the women become active members of the household money management team, but it also helps men to share the burden of financial decision-making and the younger family members who become a lot more money aware early in life.

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Income From Assets And Gains Are Different, Know How!!

Well, growth or returns are of two kinds, income, and gains, they are different from each other and cannot be replaced by each other. When you decide to invest in a financial asset, be clear about what your asset is offering you, income, or gains, or both!!

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Lockdown Anniversary! Money Lesson That We Learnt From Job Loss And Pay Cuts!

A story is worthless until and unless we do not get to learn life lessons from it. Similar is with the financial stories of the year 2020. The more it was full of tragic financial crisis stories the more there was a lesson for normal people or for investors to learn from these stories.

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Market Crashes Can Prove Beneficial To Equity SIP’s!!

Some investors do not start their investment as they fear that they will lose their investment value if the high trending market will fall tomorrow, while others do not want to stay invested more as they think that they will not get the scenario of this high trending market.

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May Loose Tax Benefits If You Invest In ELSS Funds On March 31!!

This means that your investment will be taken valid for the next financial year that is 2021-22 and not 2020-2021. You don’t get tax benefits for FY 2020-21. The main objective of your investment will remain unaccomplished!!

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