Hello readers,

Preparing for Diwali, rather, it would be more suitable if I say, shopping for Diwali? Diwali is a festival of lights, more than that it is a season of shopping. We buy many a thing during Diwali, the whole year, we prepare our shopping list for Diwali, and complete it on Dhanteras.

Electrical equipment, gold/silver coins, ornaments, utensils, cars, and many more things, top our shopping list on Diwali, and we spend a lot to buy these commodities, but this very scene is the same from last many Diwali’s. Don’t you think something new should be done this Diwali!

This Diwali, think out of the box, think Zara hat ke, add something more to your shopping cart, but something different, no commodity, but do an investment!

Yes, this Diwali, don’t just spend, rather invest in mutual fund and secure your future happiness.

The commodities that you spend depreciates with time and its value decreases with time so the best choice is to invest because the investment done will give you interest in return.

Suppose you start investment this Diwali in a mutual fund scheme, with a SIP of Rs 1000 per month for three years, at a rate of return of 12%, your investment would not become useless, like your commodity, after three years, instead, your invested money will work for you and earn benefits on your investment, that is no expenditure, in fact, dual profit, invested amount + benefits earned (interest earned)!

This Diwali, think wisely, and more than that, spend wisely. Don’t let your savings vanish, on commodities, include mutual fund investment at the top of your shopping list. Mutual fund investment will not only resist your double expenditure, rather it will earn profit for you. 

On the occasion of Diwali, we worship, Goddess Lakshmi, and seek the blessing of peace and prosperity, for us and our family, for the rest of our life, but this Diwali, invest in mutual funds and promise your family with a beautiful future, promise your kids, the best education, promise your parents, a good health and many more.

Every year, you bring a lot of firecrackers for your children and give them instant happiness, that lasts for an hour or maximum one-night, the next morning they wake up with a new demand. This Diwali, don’t give instant happiness to your kids, rather plan the best education for them. Invest in child education plans of mutual fund investment, create a strong wealth base, and secure the best education for your kids.

Investing in mutual funds, don’t only bring profit to you, but also an assurance, at the time of emergencies, that yes there is someone, who is earning for my family’s future when I am busy completing their necessities.

Make this Diwali unique, from other Diwali’, invest in mutual funds, and promise your family a prosperous and safe future. Happy Dhanteras! Happy Investing!

(Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Kindly read all the scheme related documents carefully. Illustrations are for example only, there is no guarantee of returns. Past performance is not an indicator/guarantee to future returns)