Prominent Things To Know About Total Expense Ratio!!

The costs under different heads are aggregated into a single figure and are charged to the scheme as a percentage of the assets managed. This is termed as the expense ratio (or total expense ratio – TER) of the scheme.

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Teach Your Financially Well-off Child, Importance of Saving!

Parenting is the most difficult task of the life; I mean it is very much necessary to things or lessons that you are teaching your child to grow up with. And this task become much crucial when you are preparing yourself to teach financial lessons to your child.

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Markets Proved To be Positive More Than Negative In November 2020!

The going November proved to be the golden days for equity investors, and especially for those who didn’t redeem their SIP’s in equity, despite the fall in the market since March 2020.

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Three Money Habits To Be Learned From A Self-Made Millionaire

While researching on the habits of millionaire’s he came to know the fact that about 80% of the were first-generation affluent and were self-made through a combination of their habits, incomes, and investments.

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End Of The Year, Time To Reshuffle Your Investments!

We are at an end of this tragic year, now question is, after all the tragedies that we faced in 2020, how can we plan for the next? What will be the strategies followed?

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Exit Load In Mutual Funds, Does It Benefits In Any Way?

Exit Load concept restricts investors from sudden or panic redemption from their funds which eventually stops them from exiting their investment in the short-term. Ultimately it forces investors to stay invested for the long-term and indirectly helps them to create a good corpus.

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Do You Have Money Sleeping In Your Bank Account?

It is true that you need money for your future financial goals, but for that, if you save money and make it sleep in your saving bank account then let me aware you, that you are actually depleting the value of your money.

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Factors Affecting The Performance Of Mutual Funds!

Investor before planning their investment in mutual funds, go through various research and analysis of the schemes and their performance and then pick out one, or the best suitable fund to invest in. There are many ratios based on which the performance of mutual funds is understood by the investors, like standard deviation, alpha, beta, sharpe ratio, etc. However, these ratios don’t inform much about the factors that affect the performance of a mutual fund.

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Should You Invest In Multi Asset-Allocation Funds?

This all made investors think that why to go asset allocation in a single type fund, and why not look for funds that have their allocation in multi-asset classes?

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Kotak MF launches ESG Fund NFO, Subscription Ends on 5th December!

Kotak Mutual Fund on 20th November 2020, launched its new fund offer for an ESG fund, whose subscription is open from November 20 and will close on December 4.

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