Do The Returns From Sectoral Funds Justify The Risk Of Investing In These Funds?

Before investors plan to invest in these funds, what hit their mind is, do the returns from sectoral funds justify the risk of investing in these funds?

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Save Tax On Returns While Creating Wealth For Your Goals!

In general, if we think of tax saving as being a goal in itself, then it should be a part of your medium to long term wealth creation objective. That means while you think about saving the tax, also think about what purpose that investment is achieving.

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Systematic Withdrawals Are Becoming Popular As SIP!

However, in the last some years or some months, the concept of the Systematic Withdrawal Plan, gained popularity. The way it is favored by investors for the distribution phase for their retirement planning, this method can prove to be a pathbreaking idea whose time has come.

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Financial Mistakes To Avoid While Dealing With Your Dear Ones!

Are you the one among those who let their emotion rule their financial destiny when it comes to deal with your loved ones?

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How Should Investors Approach Year 2021 For Their Investment Planning?

Now as we all are soon going to enter a new year, investors have their question in their minds, how to structure their investment strategy for the new year 2021!

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Top-Up Your Emergency Fund In This New Year 2021!

An emergency fund is very simple to understand, but very much essential to be built. People who failed to survive in the corona pandemic during lockdown were those who lack emergency corpus. While those who got over this lockdown even after losing their job were those who had their emergency fund already built.

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Economists Wrote To Tomar, Central Laws Won’t Benefit Farmers!

On Thursday, 17th December 2020, a group of economists claimed that the New Farm Laws are not in the best interest of small and marginal farmers, together they wrote to Central Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomer requesting the government to repeal the central farm laws.

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Three Things To Add In Your Resolution 2021!

The year 2020, was not so happening, it was filled with very less happy moments, well, the fact also can’t be denied that it made us learn many a thing. It made us understand the importance of good health, good immunity. It taught us that wherever we are traveling, whomsoever we are with, our ultimate destination is our family.

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Axis Special Situation NFO, Should You invest?

It is a kind of thematic fund, that aims to invest in companies facing special situations. These companies might be changing the way they work due to regulatory or policy changes, management restructuring, technology-led disruption, innovation, or any temporary challenges in the operating environment.

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“Farmers Protest May Slowdown The Economic Recovery”-Says CII!

Due to this strike, around two-thirds of consignments in transit are taking 50 percent extra time to reach their destinations in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi-NCR, as reported by the chamber.

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