Why You Need To Get A Health Insurance Plan?

Health is important and one cannot pass over it, this was taught to us in our primary classes, but it is best taught by this COVID-19 Pandemic. On top of that, it has made it clear that medical needs can appear anytime, and it holds the power to cause a financial upheaval that is tough to handle.

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MF’s and ULIP’s: Why And Which One To Choose?

Among different financial products included under section 80C of Income-tax that help investors save tax, people often confuse between mutual funds (MFs) and unit-linked insurance products (ULIPs). However, to help you choose the most suitable one, here are some factors that can help you draw comparisons.

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Should One Go for Co-Pay Clause In Health Insurance Policy?

The co-Pay Clause, in simple words, is a clause or term in health insurance policies, where the policyholder foot a part of their hospital bills, while another part of the amount is paid by the company.

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Risks That Market Might Face In 2021!

The ending of 2020 and the start of 2021 are showing positive signs for the market recovery but there is kind of risks, which as per experts, can prove to be OBSTACLE in the way of come back of the market.

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SWP In Mutual Funds Can Be A Good Alternative For Dividend Mutual Funds!

The dividend option offered by mutual funds, made its investors rely on it for regular income for a long time. This option was most favored as it was tax-free in the hands of investors. However, after the Union Budget 2020 was announced trend turn down, as it was mentioned in the budget that “Dividend income from mutual funds is now taxable at the rate of your income tax”.

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Experts Mantras to Build Your Financial Portfolio In 2021!

From its lowest point to the end of the year, the Sensex rose 84 percent. Our finances were again in the race to grow. This was all about a year where investors were surprisingly hit by the pandemic when they were unprepared for it. Can we stay better prepared in 2021?

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Wait and Watch Still Persists, Shows Market Trend in December!

Well, we are now In the New Year 2021, and the previous year 2020 has passed, but there is still something that we should know about the last month of the previous year, that is, December 2020. Ah! That’s Market Insight for December 2020.

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Good Liquidity in the market has geared to the rise of equity markets all over the world. While the prospects of a COVID-19 vaccine too have brought cheer and raised the possibilities of better economic growth.

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Money Resolutions For 2021, Learnt From 2020!

The year 2020 proved to be a tragic year for the market and individual’s finances, it made us realize what kind of changes people need to bring in their financial plan, to sustain a pandemic year like this in the future.

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At Year End, It's Time To Prepare Financial Plan 2021!

How peaceful your nights would be, if your child’s education expense plan is already sorted, obviously not on the terms of student loan debt! How joyous your work stress will be if you know that you have your expense and support plans ready for any emergencies! How happy your work life will be when you know that your investment is extremely busy in growing to secure your retirement expenses!

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