Investing for Returns Is Good, But Blindly Chasing Returns Can Be Harmful.

Investing in mutual funds to gain good returns for your goals is considered the best option by many fund advisors but investing in mutual funds for goals and only chasing returns can create a problem that would not be considered good for your investment.

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Reasons Why It Is Good to Invest in an Economic Slowdown!

Well, the famous quote by Warren Buffet completely explains the situation of the slowdown market. According to him, investing at the time of a weak economy can be beneficial, and it is necessary for the fearful investors, to understand the whole scenario, about how it is good to invest when the economy is weak.

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How to Analyze, Whether You Have A Good Investing Behavior or Not?

Your investment behavior is important as it impacts your investment to a great extent and ultimately defines your returns. Many investors are cautious towards taking a risk and thus move towards, fixed income-generating investments and pick only the more stable return products to invest, but in their journey, they often miss the opportunity of long-term wealth creation.

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Side-Pocketing in Debt Mutual Funds: How It Is Useful to Investors?

A Side-Pocket is an option that allows, the mutual fund house to segregate the good liquid fund from the bad assets, in a debt portfolio, that can be affected by the credit profile of underlying instruments. Side-pocketing in debt schemes helps small investors to save their investment from the sudden exit of large investors. It does help to stabilize the Net Asset Value (NAV) and reduce redemptions in the schemes. In the case of sudden illiquidity, the side pocket provides a cushion to the liquid portfolio. How it is done?

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Tax Planning or Goal Setting: What to Choose First?

People may have different financial goals like child education, retirement (long-term goals) or taking their family on a trip, buying a car (short-term goals) and more, but at the same time, one thing that is common to every investor is tax planning. Every investor is confused about how to plan their investment that works for long-term wealth creation along with that, also avails the option to save tax.

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Coronavirus’ Impact on Indian Market: What to Do with Your Portfolio?

Coronavirus is imparting a great effect on people, mentally, people fear it and is taking many precautions to prevent it, at the same time, coronavirus is also imparting its effect on the global market as well as India Market. As the disease, got spread out of China, in many countries like Iran, South Korea, Italy, including, an outbreak or say an economic slowdown has been observed it the market.

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Dividend vs Growth: Which is better for Capital Appreciation?

The fine line difference between growth plan and dividend payout plan is, in a growth plan, the fund does not payout anything to the investors by the way of regular payouts, and all the profits of the fund generated is reinvested in the fund, whereas in the dividend plan, dividend is paid out of profits earned and income generated, to the investors.

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Things to Consider Before Investing in Debt Mutual Funds

Debt mutual funds are safer than Equity Mutual Funds, but as they have short maturity, they are prone to many kinds of risks like credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk. Investors of debt mutual funds are advised to consider certain things before they start investing in Debt Mutual Funds

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Risk Are Profitable in Mutual Funds, All You Need to Know.

In mutual fund investment, risk and returns theses two words, go along with each other, to carry risk in your investment is not always unhealthy for your investment, sometimes taking a risk can benefit your investment and yield good returns or expected returns

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Protect your savings from yourself

We are our own enemy and even if we can save some, impulsive buying drains our savings. This might come as fun and give you a lot of pleasure now, but this momentary pleasure can cost you a lot. So, its clear from here that savings can seem an easy task to do but the real task is how much you are able to protect that saving that to from yourself.

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