Should we reduce our Mutual Fund SIP?

Investing now will help you add more units of Mutual Fund assets to your portfolio. More the units, the more return you will receive once the market regains itself.

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Don’t panic from turbulences, know what exactly long-term means in equity investment

A long-term investment in equity stocks means buying shares or investing in equity mutual funds and holding for many with expectation with businesses to continue generating profits and remain cash flow positive for many years, thus, reflecting in stock price and the resulting NAV trends.

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Things to know about three months moratorium on your EMI’s

Three-month moratorium does not mean your EMI’s are getting waived off, it simply means you can defer a loan installment; in this case, the government has given a rebate of 3 months from March 1 till May 31.

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It’s time to recalculate your regular cash flows

This difficult pandemic time has made us sit and think about our regular cash flows. Many of us are in a position already where we have to calculate our cash inflows. Many businesses are not able to generate revenues; many people have lost their job or are on the verge of losing. So, its time to calculate and take measures of your cash flow.

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Tax Saving Deadline is Extended by FM, What does it mean?

This means that tax-saving investments in Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS), Provident Funds (EPF and PPF), National pension Scheme Contributions (NPS) can be made till 30th June 2020 for the FY 2019-20.

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Dear Investors, stay invested, Let this Covid 19 storm pass

Domestic market has corrected itself to almost 35% since the start of this month. Not only stock prices have come down from 20-30% but returns on equity mutual funds have also fallen significantly down. SIP for both 5 and 10 year-period is probably in negative territory.

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My SIP returns are depressing? What should I do?

The last 2 months have been tough for equity market investors. Especially for the investors of the long term, waiting for such a long period to get such bad returns was never expected and is kind of the worst nightmare for any investor.

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How to come out through the bear market becoming emotionally strong?

First, as an investor the market is not in your control, you are not the one who decides how the market will behave and when. Second, if you are an investor or deciding to be one, remember that the market will fluctuate, there are times when the market and economy will thrive and there will come the time when the market will barely survive.

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Instead Of Checking Your Portfolio, Do These Three Things At The Time Of Slowdown

Well, we completely understand your anxiety towards your Equity Investment. We understand your fear after seeing that your equity fund investment is not working towards creating wealth for you. At this time, you need to understand that equity risk is very high in the short term, but it is also the most viable form of investment to create wealth in the long term.

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Coronavirus Vs Investment

The start of the March month in 2020, experienced a good rise with a 22% correction In Nifty 50, but then coronavirus marked its entry in India and the market got affected. Last Monday, 23rd March, the market experienced a 13% fall in a single day, and this was a matter to consider.

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