How to plan your retirement with your savings till you are 50

It is advisable to individuals that retirement is a long-term goal and ideally it should be planned in the early years of career, but in case if you missed planning for your retirement in your 30’s do not bother. Here I am explaining steps that can put you back in control of your financial future.

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How to contact Shri Ashutosh Securities in this Corona outbreak?

We understand the time is hard but you can always contact us and know about your financial situation.

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In This Corona Outbreak, Do Build Your Financial Hygiene and Financial Immunity!

During this situation what we can do best is, we can take proper precautions and measures to protect ourselves from getting infected by the COVID-19 virus, and for this, it is a must for us to maintain our personal hygiene and build up strong immunity. Good personal hygiene will restrict the virus to enter our body and a strong immunity will help to fight with the virus. Similarly, as the investment value is declining, taking the right steps and precautions to protect your finances, is the most important practice that you need to take currently.

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Know How You Can Work and Learn from Home, During This Corona Outbreak

Work from home and learn from home, simply means you and your children must stay at home together, and thus working from home becomes hard. Come on, agree on it we all love our children but them sitting on our laptop makes it hard to work from home. So, here we must manage our time at home strategically in order to get our work done and also give our children some time.

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While Making Your Budget, Skip These Common Mistakes That Can Cost A Fortune!

But here the problem is, many people give off the idea of budgeting their monthly finance, in case if they fail to make it work for them. Question is, why the budget fails to work for them? Well, this can be due to some common budgeting mistakes that people do often commit while planning their budget.

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Thing You Need to Remember at The Time of Market Crashes and Economic Slowdown

Currently, many equity mutual fund investors are quite afraid due to the history that is being made by the Indian market. This kind of history is not a matter of fun for them rather it is creating a cause of worry for the Equity fund Investors. Most of the investors are seeing their investment portfolio return is negative, due to the current slowdown in the Indian market.

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Panic Selling Is Harmful for Your Investment, Know How You Can Avoid It!

Humans invest in different market-linked instruments, to create wealth for their goals, at the time they invest, they decide, they won't panic if their investment will start showing volatility and losses, but this is also a fact that, humans are emotional animals, and their instability is natural, at the time they saw negative returns from their investment, especially at the time when they are very much near to achieve their goal.

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A Guide: How to Watch Your Investment During This Economic Slowdown?

Well, coronavirus is a kind of personal worry which is also becoming a major problem for the markets, it is acting like a roller coaster ride for the market which is already facing the major combined impacts of other events like Global economic slowdown over the last year, and Oil Price war between Saudi Arabia, Russia & US and RBI action on Yes bank.

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Six Investing and Finance Lessons Must to Be Learnt at School

Many investors wish, if they would have learned the six most important investing and financial lessons, at school, then today, they would not have only good earning skills but also good investing and financial planning skills also. These lessons would have given a significant advantage in their life and would have helped them avoid several mistakes

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Previous Year Return Is Not A Good Parameter for Selecting A Mutual Fund.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk and are market-linked products, which perform as per the market performance. As they are the market-linked product it is a fact that, the returns from mutual funds vary from year to year, which means that what return it gave the last year, it is not necessary that, the same return it is going to give this year also, it may happen that the fund that gave the highest return last year, may give more this year, or may give low this year, or may give negative return this year.

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