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Best Multibagger Mutual Funds Schemes To plan Investing In April 2022!

Yes, this is right, not only stocks but there are multibagger mutual fund schemes too that generated up to 10x returns in the last 10 years. If you are getting disappointed that you are not investing in multibagger stocks, you can still consider these mutual funds that gave superb returns in the long term.

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Best SIP Mutual funds To Plan Investing In April 2022!!

SIP has features like rupee cost averaging, step-up SIP, and many others that help investors invest smoothly in mutual funds and create big wealth in long term.

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How To Build An Inflation Proof Investment Portfolio?

Inflation is simply the rising prices of products and commodities over time. This very subject is a matter of major concern to everyone, be it a retailer, a businessman, government, consumers, or investors.

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Best Solution-Oriented Children’s Gift Fund To Plan Investing In April 2022!

Children’s Gift Funds are solution-oriented mutual funds especially designed to meet children’s future financial needs like education, marriage expenses, etc. These can be categorized as normal ‘Balanced Mutual Funds’ or ‘Hybrid Funds’. These funds invest in both Equity (shares) and Debt Instruments (Fixed Income Securities).

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Best Solution-Oriented Retirement Funds To Plan Investing In April 2022!

Solution-Oriented Funds are customizable as per the future financial requirement of an investor. These funds are specially designed for individuals' retirement planning and their child’s future planning!

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Best Low Risk Mutual Funds To Plan Investing In April 2022!

Moderate returns over the medium-to-long term can be achieved when investing strategy is focused on protecting the downside. One of the ways to do this have a balanced mix of different asset classes like Equity, Debt & Gold.

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Best International Equity Mutual Funds To Plan Investment In April 2022!

Investors before investing in International Funds should get themselves prepared for currency risk, they should get sure regarding their investments goal and investment tenure and once they are done, they can plan their investment in International Funds.

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What To Watch Out Before Choosing Your Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies have been a part of Indian households for decades, generations of different ages have opted for life insurance policies to protect their family after them. However, a survey recently conducted states that the ratio of people aware of the importance of life insurance to the number of people who bought life insurance policies differs!

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Do You Know About The Smart Ways To Invest In ELSS?

There are also other tax-saving tools under Section 80C like fixed deposits, RD, Public Provident Fund, National Pension Scheme, and many more, but out of all these ELSS is preferred more because not only does it help you save tax but also creates wealth!!

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Top Moderate Risk Mutual Funds To Invest In April 2022!

Moderate risk funds, as the name suggests, expose investors' capital to only average levels of risk. The best moderate risk funds invest in varied securities to maintain reasonable market risks against inflation-adjusted returns!

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