New Wage Code Lowers Take Home Salary, While Increases PF Contribution!!

The new Wage Code determines that the allowances given to an employee should not exceed more than 50% of the total cost to the company (CTC). This clearly defines that now the basic pay of an employee would be equal to 50% of the CTC.

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Avoid These Mistakes While Planning To Invest This Tax-Season!

This year the last date for tax-saving investment for the year 2020-21, has been fixed till 31st March. This is the last chance for people to maximize their tax benefits under various sections unless the finance ministry extends the deadlines again like it did the last time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this time your plan would be a bit different from last year's strategy as Budget 2021 has come up with some provision in the tax regime.

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Debt Mutual Funds Are Better Bet Than Direct Bond Investments!

Recently the Reserve Bank of India, announced that retail investors can buy government securities directly. However, as per experts, investing in debt funds instead of buying bonds from the market is still the best option.

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Fuel Prices Trending ‘OUT OF CONTROL’ In India!!

Regarding the diesel and petrol prices in the budget, FM announced, a hike in agriculture cess by 2.5 percent on Petrol and agriculture cess increased by 4 percent on diesel. They also had a word that this hike won’t affect the buyer’s pocket, but the petrol and diesel prices trending since last few days is narrating a different story.

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Undefined Goals! How Can I Plan My Investments?

But, what about people who don’t have any such big goal to save and invest for? Should they invest? And if they should invest so what would be the goal?

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Mutual Fund Allocation Increased To REITs and InvITs!

As per experts the trending low-interest rate regime, the good rental yield, and an efficient listing framework after the COVID disruption, these all are the reasons that attracted MF allocator towards REITs and InVITs.

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RailTel Corporation Of India Launches A New IPO!

This IPO has been announced by RailTel Corporation of India Limited. The opening date of this IPO is on 16th February 2021, and the closing date listed is on 18th February 2021.

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Some Mutual Fund Schemes Showed Gain Of More Than 45% In Three Months!

In the last three months, mutual funds net sold Indian equities worth over Rs 70,000 crore. During the period October 31, 2020, to February 10, 2021, the benchmark index Nifty TRI gained 30 percent where 10 equity mutual fund schemes gave an absolute return of over 45 percent.

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Are You Near Reaching Your Goal Before The Expected Time?

Here, what is the scene of the market, how hard it is suffering, or what is its value at that time is much less important than the matter that you have achieved your goal or near reaching it, and this event, obviously needs your attention.

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It’s Valentine Week! Plan Your Money Matter Together With Your Partner!

Yes, what today’s norm is, couples handling their household finances jointly, today they are not only confined to the concept of sharing a beautiful life together, but they are all set to ensure their and their loved one’s financial well-being, jointly.

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