Second Wave Of COVID Hit Market Trend! What An Investor Must Do?

Investors are getting worried because of two reasons, first because of the volatility in the market and second the possibility of further lockdowns due to a rise in cases and a delay in economic recovery.

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SAVE YOUR PAN!! Link With Aadhar Before April 1, 2021!!

If someone fails to link their PAN cards with an Aadhar card, on and after 1st April 2021, their PAN will be declared inoperative and useless. They will not be able to do any financial transaction if your PAN is not linked to your Aadhaar.

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What Will Happen If We Replace EPF Contribution To Equity?

They are in dilemma, whether it is worth staying invested in EPF after all this taxation scenario, or now this is the time to reconsider your investment and switch?

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How To Decide Your Investment In Short-term Inflation Trends?

Rising inflation directly hits your pocket, it forces you to cut down your desire expenses, not only that but also you have to trim down your necessary spends. But here the question is, how does rising inflation hit your investment?

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Buying Insurance Policy Online Is Not That Easy Than You Think!

Initially, individuals found the facility as an easy process to insure themselves with different insurance products, however, with the growing time, the user community registered a number of difficulties that they face while using the digital platform.

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Mutual Fund Approaches SEBI For Changes In New Rule On Perpetual Bonds!!

The circular issued by SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India), states that the maturity of all perpetual bonds needs to be treated as 100 years from the date of issuance of the bond for the “purpose of valuation”.

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Tax Deduction Options Other Than Section 80C Instruments!!

Well, very people know that the tax-saving option is not only limited to securities under Section 80C, but there are more tax-saving opportunities that further help them reduce their tax liability.

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Have Surplus Cash? Invest In Low-duration Or Money Market Funds!!

As per experts, the investors can overcome this volatility in debt funds if they stay invested for 3-4 years but…but…what about the investors who want to invest only for 1 year or 6 months. Here the matter to consider is, where to invest for short-term objectives!

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SEBI Mandates Mutual Funds To Vote On All Company Resolutions!

With the new provision, the regulator that is SEBI wants all schemes to vote on the resolutions, even if the company’s equity shares are held as passive investments through an index fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF).

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Portfolio Risk And Asset Allocation Hold More Importance Than Investment Returns!!

So basically, after seeing so many uncertain situations in the market, it has become difficult for investors to decide what strategy they must follow while investing so that they can receive a good benefit from their investment.

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